I CLOSED TOO MANY EYES: A World War II Medic Finally Talks

BAYER NONEN ROSS, the son of Swedish immigrants who settled in Southern Minnesota, spent his military service in World War II doing his best to keep soldiers alive. His story was documented in letters he sent home and in conversations with his family.

Bayer saw his life played out in three parts: from 1917 to 1942 he was the dutiful son of Swedish immigrants in Mountain Lake, Minnesota, learning the skills of dry cleaning and tailoring. From 1943 to 1945 he lived through hell as a medic during World War II in Northern Africa, Sicily, and Western Europe. From 1946 to 1990 he was back in Minnesota as a family man and businessman and all the while trying to forget the War. As was true of so many men and women, forgetting wasn’t that easy. Talking about it was even harder.

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